Rural Projects

One of FOV UK’s subcommittees, the Vellore Rural Community Trust (VRCT) concentrates solely on projects in the rural outskirts of Vellore. Most people in India live in rural areas and access to health and development resources can be poor. CMC has a remote unit, the Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA) 30km from Vellore town which delivers health and social development services to a wide local rural area with a population of 200,000. This is managed by Dr Rita Isaac, Director of Promotions at CMC.

RUHSA's outpatient waiting room

RUHSA’s outpatient waiting room

VRCT collaborates closely with the experienced team at RUHSA developing innovative projects and providing start-up funding. We continue to work with the local population and staff at RUHSA to develop the programs further to become at least partially self-sustaining. VRCT reviews all programs on an annual basis, visiting the work directly in India and monitoring the progress to ensure the projects deliver measurable benefits to the local population.  You can read more about individual projects on the pages under this menu.

The VRCT Committee is chaired by Dr Arabella Onslow.  She regularly visits RUHSA.  Read her blog here. Other Trustees are: Dr William Cutting, Mrs Pam Morris, Mr Richard Rajamanickam, Miss Asha Senapati and Mrs Sally Whittingham.