If you would like to volunteer as a heath professional at CMC, please email Hugh Skeil dev.office@cmcvellore.ac.in in the first instance.  You need to give the dates during which you would like to come, and give details of your experience (eg attach a CV) and areas of interest / what you would like to do while at CMC.  Hugh will try to put you in touch with the Head of a Department that may be willing to use you.

Once that link is established, you should then approach the Director’s Office for approval: dir.evo@cmcvellore.ac.in.  You can also enquire here about accommodation, but this will depend on availability.  You will be expected to pay for your travel expenses and your accommodation. CMC have produced a guide for volunteers and visitors which can be found here.

With all medical professionals there are restrictions on what you can do in terms of patient care, unless you can get registered with the appropriate professional body in India, which is unlikely to be possible or practical in most cases.  So, for example, a doctor might be able to assist the Indian team and teach/advise, but wouldn’t normally be allowed to conduct an operation or procedure or prescribe etc. You will be under the authority or supervision of a registered Indian healthcare professional.  What you are allowed to do depends on the individual department and your level of seniority.

If you do arrange a volunteer placement at CMC, please let the FOV UK office know.  We would love to hear about it and link you up with other friends of Vellore here in the UK.