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The K V Kuppam pages of this website came about because of the friendship link between the village of Kilvayattanan Kuppam in Tamil Nadu and Bishopston in Bristol. The simple objective of the website is to provide information about everyday life in a South Indian community for teachers and anyone else who is interested in learning about how other communities live. There are many India resource packs on the market so there has never been any intention to replicate some of these very good teacher resources. What we have provided is an insight into what it is like to live in a village in India with hopefully enough information to allow a comparison between life there and in the UK.

There are obvious links to subjects such as geography (particularly QCA, KS2 Unit 10 – A Village in India) and citizenship but we hope that, as teachers, you will want to use the information on this website creatively with your pupils in a variety of ways, across the curriculum and in different key stages.  If you wish to link to this website, feel free to use the resources further down the page. Click here for more information on cost of living etc

Some teachers have shown an interest in linking with a school in the area but at present it is not feasible to set up an email link or correspondence with a school in K.V.Kuppam. There are very few internet facilities and most of the children and many of the teachers speak only Tamil.

Some schools have held fund raising activities to support the work of The One Candle Project. It costs around £20 per year to support a child from a lower income family in secondary and higher secondary school in the K.V.Kuppam area and we hope to build up this fund so we can help more children, particularly in the outlying villages. Please do contact Pam if you feel able to support us with this.

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With thanks to the people of K.V.Kuppam for their generosity and willingness to share their culture and way of life with us.

Thanks also to Pippa Whittaker and the pupils of Cheney School, for letting us share in their Big Fairtrade Adventure.

Pam Morris can be contacted by phone tel: 07939 367821 or email: pamelaroaming@yahoo.com

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