Friends of Vellore works closely with several of the departments at CMC to initiate and sustain their programmes targeted at helping poor and disadvantaged people.

CMC subsidises treatment for poorer patients using the proceeds of the private patient work. Each department has discretion to waive some fees but nevertheless welcomes Friends of Vellore’s contribution to acquire equipment or fund projects especially for outreach work.  New project proposals are scrutinised by our Trustees to ensure they meet our criteria and have sustainable benefits.

At any time Friends of Vellore will have many programmes running.  On the pages under the Projects menu you can see where our money is currently going.  We aim to help the poorest and most vulnerable. All require ongoing funding and your help and support would be most welcome.

If you would like your donation to go to a particular project or area of our work, please let us know.  We are also very happy to receive unspecified donations that we can direct to where the money is most needed.