‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

The Person-to-Person Scheme

The Person to Person (PTP) scheme is an opportunity for supporters to contribute to the cost of a specific patient’s care. There are many poor patients who seek medical care at CMC, Vellore. Even though the hospital seeks to minimise costs, some are still not able to afford the cost of their treatment. The PTP scheme exists to help patients such as these.

Donors give money to the PTP scheme, which is used to provide small targeted grants (up to Rs 10,000 or approximately £110) to help pay the hospital bill for specific patients.

A grateful recipient of the PTP scheme

PTP operates in a similar way to a ‘matched giving scheme’ where the institution contributes up to four times the contribution of the donor. For example, if you donate £16 this can be increased to £20 through Gift Aid, and then CMC will add four times this to give a grant of up to £100 to pay for the treatment of a deserving patient at the hospital. This could pay for a short admission for an uncomplicated urinary tract infection or other acute fevers in the medical and paediatric wards.

This can be increased up to a donation of £100 per patient including Gift Aid, to which CMC will add up to £400 making a total of £500 for the patient and multiplying your gift five times. This would pay for a moderate operation such as a hernia or caesarean section with associated pre and post-operative care.

How is the scheme run?

The PTP scheme is organised and implemented within the hospital. Medical or nursing staff or social workers identify patients in their clinical department who cannot afford to pay their bills and who could be helped by the PTP scheme. The staff member completes a form with the patient’s details and sends this to the public relations office. Funds are then allocated to specific patients for whom money has been requested.

CMC bears the cost of administering the programme, so every penny given goes directly to help poor patients.

Feedback to the donor

The public relations office sends a report about each patient who has benefitted from the scheme to the donor whose PTP contribution helped that specific patient. This includes details about the person, what was the matter with them and what treatment they received. Donors receive patient reports from the PTP office in Vellore either by email or by post. Examples of such reports can be seen here.

Mrs Mary Anslum in the PTP Office sends out the patient reports

Examples where PTP made a difference

Stories of some people who were helped by the PTP scheme can be found here:

Make a donation

If you would like to contribute to the PTP Scheme, information on how to donate is here. Please indicate othat your donation is for the PTP scheme.

Thank you for your support – it means so much to those who desperately need medical treatment but cannot afford to pay for it.