CMC Covid Impact Report

CMC’s Director Dr JV Peter has written to thank all those who donated to CMC during the Covid crisis. He writes:

Thank you for your generous gifts to CMC during the unprecedented crisis. Your contribution came when we were overwhelmed by the Covid-19 pandemic and struggling to meet the demands placed on us.

The first wave of the pandemic was challenging but was nothing compared to the second wave in April and May 2021 which overwhelmed us and the health system. Ambulances poured in with very sick patients. We had to quickly ramp up services. At the peak, we were able to set aside 1150 beds for Covid, including 200 ICU beds. Oxygen supplies were ramped up. We managed over 4,000 patients in a monitored home isolation program and ran ‘Udahvi’, a 24/7 Covid-19 helpline. Through the pandemic we tested more than 102,500 samples and admitted over 16,600 patients. Companies and individuals reached out to provide PPE and equipment. Donors contributed generously to support poor patients. This enabled us to subsidise around £5 million of patient care costs for Covid alone, reducing the tremendous financial burden on our patients. We could do so much because of generous friends like YOU. We are immensely grateful for the donations from Friends of Vellore UK towards life-saving medical equipment, patient care and vaccination.

Now the situation here has improved and we are focusing on vaccination. We have enhanced our ‘Vaccinate Vellore’ campaign. We are taking stock of the lessons we have learnt and what we can take forward into the future. At this juncture we take a moment to say thank you.

We are privileged to share our ‘Impact Report’ with you – a testament to the many hands that worked together to turn a crisis into an opportunity for partnership and cooperation. We thank God for his protection and provision and we look forward to your continued support and prayers.

Click on the image below to read CMC’s impact report: