Help CMC as they battle with Coronavirus

Nearly 10,000 patients make their way each day from all over India to the non-profit Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, Southern India, for top-level care, provided at a subsidized rate or at no cost to poor people. Now, CMC’s dedicated doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are in urgent need of our help. India’s Covid-19 cases are currently the third highest in the world. With infection rates growing, CMC is under huge strain as it tries try to make room for all the patients, covering the costs of those who can’t afford to pay, whilst ensuring their staff are supplied with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

CMC desperately need funds for:

ICU equipment – currently all CMC’s ICU beds are full; they have more than 60 ICU beds nearing completion in the new hospital at Kannigapuram, but these will need monitors, syringe pumps and ventilators.

Funds for providing subsidies for patient care. Most of the COVID positive patients admitted, cannot afford the cost of their care. So far, CMC has set aside about 520 beds for COVID Isolation, which are about 80% full now. Several hundred more beds will be made ready over the next few weeks in the new hospital. 24 hours of care (including bed, nursing, doctors’ fees, food and basic medications) costs around £80. A patient in ICU costs over £300 for 24 hours.

PPE – costing CMC nearly £300,000 a month. PPE is needed for all procedures and interactions with patients, not just those with COVID. CMC’s healthcare professionals on the front lines are bravely risking their lives.

Please join us in raising funds to buy ICU equipment, PPE for staff and to cover the cost of care for those patients who cannot afford it. No amount is too small. Donate here!

Your donation will be sent to CMC Vellore, India, via the Friends of Vellore UK. Thank you so much for your support.